SCHANDY es un grupo empresarial líder en servicios marítimos, portuarios y logísticos, caracterizado por el continuo desarrollo de nuevos emprendimientos

Servicios marítimos

Representación de líneas y servicios marítimos y fluviales y su agenciamiento en Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay y Sur de Brasil.

Servicios portuarios

Terminales de contenedores, graneleras, de líquidos y de carga general. Operadores portuarios especializados en cargas masivas, generales y de proyectos.

Servicios logísticos

Interpretamos, diseñamos e implementamos soluciones logísticas integrales. Invertimos en infraestructura para lograr operaciones más eficientes.


Servicios de navegación

Transporte marítimo y fluvial de carga por la Hidrovía y la Cuenca del Plata.

Servicios de remolcadores

Servicio de remolcadores  y lancha de tráfico y offshore de alta velocidad.

Instituciones que apoyan


  • Super!!!!!!
    You have been the very best representative agent I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I pray we have more work in Uruguay in the future, just for sake working with you again!!! You make Schandy Shipping, Ports & Logistics a shining agency!!
    My very, Very best

  • Casa Schandy es como un shopping de logística, tenes todos los servicios en una sola empresa


  • I just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know I appreciate the work that Schandy is doing in UY on the Peralta project. I know that there was quite a bit of obstacles that we had to go through in order to get the projects moving but it seems like you are delivering on your promise. I hope once the temporaries are cleared on the second vessel, we can move as quickly as the first and get the project delivered on week 23.

    I just wanted to let you know I appreciate your company’s dedication.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks below which fully appreciated and will just await final(s) when getting close to completion
    and no need mention it is of importance also to to the company that we optimize cargo intake Nueva Palmira
    best possible.

    So far all seem work fine – what else under your good agency  !!.

    Carsten Gerner Olsen , Operation Manager, Windrose SPS Shipping & Trading S.A.
  • I want to thankyou for everything you did for me while I was in Montevideo. It was a pleasure to work with professionals like yourselves. You all are a credit
    to your company.

    I cannot thankyou enough for making my life so easy while I was there.

    Derek Hough , Project Manager, TL GeoSciences
  • As mentioned, the support that we are getting from our appointed team at Schandy has been very good. The team has been very good at attending to our needs and ensures that everything goes as smooth as possible in all areas.

    The accountants have also been very good at supplying invoices on a timely matter.

    Chuck Saulter , PGS cliente oil & gas
  • I would just like to thank you and your team for invaluable assistance in Montevideo on our arrival and subsequently, the coffee in the ER was greatly appreciated!!

    Excellent job !

    Mr Canlas , Crew member - Polarcus Amani
  • The service, rapidness and your capability to foresee what the vessels different departments required, wished, wanted or ordered was in a class not seen in too many Agencies.

    Friendliness as well as doing that little thing, one did not expect, is valued highly  and this assessment also to comprehends your staff.

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Schandy invierte y opera asociado con empresas de primer orden mundial

y regional, que posean además claves estratégicas para cada proyecto.





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